The Newest Great Idea… Drug Experimentation On All American Children!

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, is seated on the left in this picture.

As an American citizen I know full well that the easiest path in life is to believe and do everything the government tells me to believe and do. It takes much more effort to question, research and employ critical thinking about any official government narrative. But I’m here to tell you that questioning all government narratives is more American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Questioning authority is, I dare say, fundamental to the American ideal as embodied by this nations founders.

A current case in point is the government’s push for widespread COVID vaccination….

All agencies of the American government are currently asserting that the mRNA vaccinations are completely safe, and that all Americans must take the jab. The newest push is for school-age children to be vaccinated.

I’ve personally questioned the safety of the mRNA vaccinations for a long time, but I’ve been on the fence about blogging about the issue. My hesitancy, however, vaporized after listening to this weekend’s War Room interviews with Dr. Robert W. Malone and Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Episode #1 and Episode #2

If you don’t know already, Dr. Malone invented mRNA vaccine technology. He is a firm believer in the world-changing benefits of mRNA vaccine technology. He and his wife (also a virologist) have taken the mRNA vaccine. BUT Dr. Malone does not agree with the government push to compel all American adults to get the vaccine, and he is totally opposed to vaccinating school-age children.

Dr. Malone is opposed to this government effort because the current mRNA vaccines are totally experimental, they have not been adequately tested for safety (long term and short term), and there is alarming data coming out about adverse health effects being experienced by people who have received the experimental vaccinations. These adverse effects include, but are not limited to, blood clots, paralysis, cardiac events, and death.

Dr. Malone asserts that the current government effort to get 70% of the population vaccinated in order to achieve “herd immunity” is a fallacy. There is no data to support herd immunity from widespread vaccinations.

Dr. Malone is equally concerned about the fact that there is widespread censorship by news media and social media of anyone (like himself) who questions the safety of the experimental gene therapy vaccinations. He is alarmed that people who have experienced adverse reactions to the vaccine are also being systematically censored. Even more alarming is the fact that most virologists and other medical experts are self censoring; they are not publicly expressing their professional concerns because to do so would jeopardize their careers and income. In short, he says that we can never get to the truth about the safety of this vaccine if we can’t have open discussion and access to all pertinent data.

In his War Room interviews Dr. Malone mentions The Platonic Noble Lie as the unrelenting force driving the government vaccination narrative. The Platonic Noble Lie is deliberately lying to mislead people for “the greater good.” This is justified by elites in the government because they see themselves as more intelligent (or better informed) than the general population. The greater good is, of course, not necessarily any one person’s individual good. That is beside the point.

My main desire with this blog post is to introduce you to Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology and to explain some of the reasons he is opposed to the widespread vaccination of all Americans (especially children) with the current untested, experimental mRNA vaccines that are being pushed by the government. There is MUCH more to be concerned about with this vaccine.

The single best interview/discussion I’ve heard with Dr. Malone is At This Link. The photo at the top of this post is a screen shot from that interview. It is a condensed one-hour interview that was censored by YouTube shortly after it aired. Judge for yourself if those 3 men are well-informed truth tellers, or “conspiracy theorists.”

A few weeks ago I heard a pastor tell his congregation that he considered it his patriotic duty to get the COVID vaccination. That’s his opinion and he’s entitled to it. I don’t question any thinking adult’s decision to get the mRNA vaccination. What I question, and totally reject, is my government using its considerable power to censor pertinent data and opinions that do not fit their official narrative in an effort to compel all Americans to subject their bodies to the big experiment.

Such questioning and rejecting is my patriotic duty.

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  1. Here is a fairly well written list of reasons and supporting documentation, some of it peer reviewed, of concerns about the vaccine or injection.
    I, as a nurse, am very limited in what I say and where I say it. I could be terminated from my job. I could face censure from my regulatory board. I have a fiscal responsibility to my family to keep my job until I retire…5 years and 11 months from now.
    Unfortunately, we are having heavy rains right now and so watching anything streaming is near impossible. But I will watch as soon as I am able.

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    1. Thank you. I checked out the link. The author appears to be a person with good critical thinking skills. And now, 3 months after writing that, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology is publicly sharing many of the same concerns.


  2. I had occasion to watch the whole 3 hour interview and it was riveting. The thing that concerns me the most about people’s reactions is this: when information and pertinent data is being so aggressively censored, that fact, in and of itself, should be a giant red flag concerning the overreach of our government institutions, and sound an alarm that our health freedom and autonomy are at stake. Whether you are for the “vaccine” or not, that should alarm you big time!

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    1. Absolutely agree. The more it’s pushed the more resistant I become. All the evidence notwithstanding, the mere fact of their insistance and all the other foolish behaviors makes me question every single thing about this endeavor. Over the last 30 odd years, I have quietly (and not so quietly) battled many nursing practices, from a logic and evidence based standpoint, only to face massive brick edifices of “thats the way we’ve done it” or just blatant dismissal of my rationale. And this comes from so called educated nurses. So imagine what the ill-educated, scientifically illiterate masses might say!!
      I brook no discussion with anyone regarding the efficacy or safety of this vaccine. Unless I am certain they possess the maturity and common sense to have a civilized adult coversation or sharing of information and ideas. Joel Salatin just hosted such a discourse at his farm a few weeks back. Imagine what that must have been like to be able to calmly, rationally discuss ideas. (Sound like something out of the past?)

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  3. My youngest son-in-law took the jab three weeks ago to keep his job at a local prison . Two days later he fainted while walking through the house and went into convulsions . He has been having these episodes every other day or so yet the doctor says there is nothing wrong with him . I’m wondering how long before he has a faint while driving down the road . It has us worried to be sure . I made my mind up when I found out there is aborted fetal tissue in the formula that I would rather die than take the jab . It will get frisky if they try to force me into taking it .

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  4. I heard the Malone interview on WarRoom also. It was very good. He is an expert on the technology and it was sobering to hear his thoughts on mass vaccinations. I spent 22 years of my life flying C-130s and C-5s in the Air Force. We were required to get flu shots every year and Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Anthrax shots every 6 months. I was sick all the time. I swore I wouldn’t inject anything like that into my body again unless it was life or death. I don’t think we are at that point yet.

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  5. No Covid news or discussion will have been generated if the method of any virus discovery has been thoroughly scrutinized. An obscurantist is a person who seeks to prevent or hinder enquiry and the advancement of knowledge. Creationist RNA vax advocate Jonathan Sarfati accused me of being one when I asked him about how viruses are discovered. Go figure! He also blocked me on Twitter and the group “Biblical Genetics” he is part of expelled me for asking the same. If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows you might not have learned how to think properly.

    Specialized fields, like infectious diseases, have produced voluminous “information” which is a burden and distraction to the layman.

    Note this about specialisation from Richard Weavers’ “Ideas Have Consequences”: “By far the most significant phase of the theory of the gentlemen is its distrust of specialization. It is an ancient belief, going back to classical antiquity, that specialization of any kind is illiberal in a freeman. A man willing to bury himself in the details of some small endeavour has been considered lost to these larger considerations which must occupy the mind of the ruler…Specialization develops only part of a man; a man partially developed is deformed, and one deformed is the last person to be thought of as a ruler; so run the irresistible logic of the position.”

    And is a quote from Toxemia Explained by J H Tilden. “There is the same difference between the knowledge of a physician who prescribes for diseases as limited by genera and species, and of one who prescribes under the direction of just principles, that there is between the knowledge we obtain of the nature and extent of the sky, by viewing a few feet of it from the bottom of a well and viewing from the top of a mountain the whole canopy of heaven.”

    Most people are going to take the VX because they are either a doctor or taking the word of their doctor who they trust know better than them if it’s safe and effective. They do not consider that there are downsides in the highly specialised fields of the modern medical establishment. Neither that the field of infectious diseases has been highly politicised during the last century because of its nature to enable control over people. Neither have they asked the elementary questions of infectious disease that should have been asked since its inception. How do I know this? It’s because they have forfeited their duty of private judgment and made it entirely a “no-brainer” default in this field. The results will be inestimable evil flooding the world at large and make it easy prey for opportunists to take away freedom and wealth.

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  6. The whole jab endeavor/hoax is to get the people used to being cared for by the government (aka controlled), instead of by self-government. It’s all socialist/communist/marxist. Certainly complete opposite to biblical principles. By-the-way, have you noticed the ads on t.v.? I figure that 95% are about government healthcare in various forms, and pharmaceuticals. That signals something’s terribly wrong. They want us to get “all your entitled to- it’s free!” That thread goes throughout our culture. Thanks for a great blog.


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