On Striving Valiantly

This morning I woke up with a desire to read Theodore Roosevelt’s The Man in the Arena speech. I found the 2-minute YouTube clip above. Roosevelt communicated brilliantly and powerfully with the words in that clip, and the RedFrost Motivation production does it great justice. Emotion wells up in me when I listen to that.

Roosevelt knew from long experience what it was to be the Man in the arena. He was 52 when he gave the speech. He had experienced exhilarating victories and crushing defeats in his life.

Roosevelt’s words apply to our time, and to the Lawful Resistance Movement that I blogged about earlier this year (HERE). I am not a cynic. I love underdog fighters who step into the arena to battle for truth and justice.

Yesterday a friend sent me the clip below of Tammy Bruce on Fox news. I don’t watch Fox news. I never heard of Tammy Bruce. She is in the Arena. She sums up the situation in America very eloquently.

I’ve heard that Tucker Carlson writes his own copy for every show. That’s impressive. Does Tammy Bruce do the same? Whoever wrote her words in this clip is a master of communication.

The bottom line here is that America-as-we-once-knew-it is now in The Arena, and it is an epic slugfest.

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  1. If you think Tammy Bruce is in the Arena, you would most likely appreciate Tucker Carlson.  Tucker will make your blood boil over, not from what he advocates or says, but from what he exposes.  I’m surprised that he’s not already been dealt with by TPTB.

    I gave up on network news a couple of decades ago after catching them in repeated lies.  Cable news got the same heave-ho for the same reasons.  I watch a couple of shows on Fox News (Tucker is one of them, Gutfeld is another), but get most if my news from a dozen or so blogs and news outlets online.  Seems to be more accurate and closer to the common sense man.

    Ray Kruse Buffalo, KY 42716


  2. Just one thought on all of this that comes to mind is that if we want Joe Biden out of office who is going to take his place? My opinion is that that’s what they wanted all along to get Kamala Harris in or whoever is puppeting her. In my opinion that is what the whole Biden Harris Administration was about. If they’re going to challenge the vote and expose that they cheated and put in the rightful president that’s one thing but if they’re just going to put in somebody else who’s just as bad, I’m not sure that’s any better than where we are right now. I am cynical but I do believe the average American does not buy the rhetoric that is currently blasted around as common think. I think that’s what they’d like us to believe but I think the average American is smarter than they’re given credit for. And that’s just my two cents worth thank you for posting that though Herrick it was excellent!


  3. Francis Schaffer , Thomas Sowell , Adrian Rodgers and many others have been blowing the trumpet for many years of a post-christian nation and the coming time of persecution. Like you I relish a good fight win or lose and i intend to bow to know one save King Jesus. Being of a biblical worldview as well as a student of the Word I understand that winning or losing doesn’t matter but only what and Who we stand for . No King but Jesus will be my cry every day until I die !


    1. Elizabeth says, The war’s been won, the battle through us is the Lord’s, and we have the victory already, if we stand on the Word. If you don’t know what the Word says, it’s difficult to have faith in His promises and to stand on them. His Word causes us not to be moved. It’s not from our own strength.


  4. Love Roosevelt’s speech! The lukewarm, the bystanders, and critics are in no battle at all, have no chance to win and already are losing. “Having stood, stand firm, therefore, stand!” Another few gems about critics and bystanders: Don’t give the devil your words! You cannot have what you speak against! and finally, Don’t rehearse failure in your mouth! As winners in the arena, we have to speak (mutter) to our spirit the encouragements of the Bible promises to build our faith to be equipped to stand firm. Thanks for a great post, Herrick. Tucker is the one on Fox that me and my husband listen to.


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